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The Purchasing & Supplychain department should be consistently adding value and working to deliver the business objectives. We understand what good looks like, and can create the right department process and structure that quickly put procurement & Supplychain at the heart of your business, Our processes take you through an assessment of current performance and activity, and on to the development of operating models designed specifically to meet your specific needs, supported by processes and category strategies. 
Strategic planning is the continuous procurement process of discovering, prioritizing, improving, and re-evaluating sourcing activities. 
We at Pro Outsourcing deliver Strategic planning that has helped companies achieve substantial cost savings along with other sourcing & supplychain objectives. 
Strategic sourcing is a well-planned ongoing process of proactive actions, where procurement takes a leading role in satisfying business needs and adding value to the company. 
Actively managing your supplychain means collaborating with internal stakeholders and suppliers, critically analyzing company spend, and managing supplier risks. 
If you want to implement strategic planning in your organisation and have little prior experience, our consultants can take the strain and deliver the full plan to you. 
In a well run purchasing department there should always be a set of purchasing procedures. This is usually a formal document or manual that sets out the team’s responsibilities in the purchasing cycle as well as detailing each of the specific purchasing procedures. 
We at Pro Outsourcing deliver a specific process that fits your company that helps companies achieve improved efficiencies. 
Structure can make or break a team, and we have plenty of experience of putting in place a structure that not only works for the function but for all the stackholders involved with Procurement & Supplychain. Define & embed the team developing oblectives and SMART KPI's