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We understand the resource-intensive nature of constantly managing transactional procurement activity. We use efficient, technology-driven processes to manage day-to-day operations at a reduced cost, and particularly around low-value spend. This allows our clients to focus on strategic procurement activity. 
Our transactional procurement function supports your business using CIPS qualified resource with your approved purchasing processes, maintaining catalogues linked to agreed contracts, and sourcing suppliers for requisitions. 
Every company who wants to have control over its spend & supply chain should have fully experienced management in place. Pro Outsourcing offer Virtually management of the function 
Benefits include: 
1. Reduce Your Costs - Outsourcing can cut your staff costs by as much as 30%. 
2. Gain Industry Expertise - Outsourcing gives you extensive expertise in procurement and supply chain so adds value to your company. 
3. Get Access to New Technologies - A wide talent pool means access to technological innovation that you can capitalise on. 
4. Acquire Scalable and Flexible Resources - This means your business gets what it needs, when it needs it. No more worrying about staff on holiday cover, sickness or growing the team. 
5. Focus on What YOU do best and Get More Done - Your staff should be spending their time developing your business, not worrying about buying widgets or Services. With flexible outsourcing, you free up your time. 
6. Better Communication = Better Results - Outsourcing ensures closer communication, fewer cultural differences and successful integration into your business. 
7. Greater Business Agility - Customers drive the marketplace so outsourcing enables you to stay ahead of competitors and exceed customer expectations. 
8. No HR / Legal Risk 
Increase profit 
Every pound the company saves in procurement goes directly into the P/L bottomline and adds pounds to the profit. Great procurement management systematically looks for savings from the whole supplychain, providing the company with a competitive advantage. - We Virtually manage this process to support and identify efficiencies. 
Manage supply risks 
procurement management requires every category of spend and all suppliers to be analysed. Each existing supplier is evaluated separately for quality risk, financial risk, availability risk, and level of cooperation. Once the risks are identified, you can then take action to avoid or mitigate the risk.- We Virtually manage this process to support and identify efficiencies. 
Improve sustainability 
procurement management is not a one-time project or initiative; it is a continuous cycle of activities. Our team Virtually manage this and will keep an eye on category and supplychain performance. With every subsequent cycle, they can go deeper to find additional opportunities to bring value to the company. 
KPIs monitored 
Problems resolved 
Formal review meetings 
Improved supplier performance 
Get more value out of procurement  
procurement management does not mean you are looking solely for quick cost cuts. Every action taken during the procurement management is evaluated using the following criteria:  
Does it provide more value at the same cost? 
does it decrease operational costs? 
does it increase operational speed?