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We understand that low prices are only a benefit if accompanied by good service. 
Our key activities include: 


Design to Cost 
Expense Reduction 
Most business invest heavily in resources to achieve greater revenue growth, yet relatively little effort is expended on a structured approach to cost / expense reduction. 
cost / expense reduction can make an important contribution to the bottom line. Pro Outsourcing provide an accelerated cost reduction service that breaks down all the elements to assess the opportunities for cost savings and smarter spending.  
Our consultants liaise with the entire business, ensuring everyone is working together as a team toward a common objective - driving out real savings as quickly as possible from your procurement operations. 
Design to Cost 
Design-To-Cost (DTC) is one of the most important aspects of a product design. Engineers know how to design cost effective products in terms of engineering and production but tend to overlook the other aspects of Design-To-Cost (DTC). 
In most cases purchasing is involved much too late and, therefore, has no impact on the design. If you only knew in advance you could have made some minor design changes and enabled you to buy alternative parts, use a cost effective way to manufacture, use cheaper materials. Make sure to involve purchasing early in the product design process. 
Pro Outsourcing consultants can reverse this process working closely with the design team to significantly reduce the cost. 


Procurement Savings process flow